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C Partridge Yachts and has gained a reputation for quality custom composite yacht construction, many of our yachts have gone on to receive many racing and cruising accolades. Based in one of New Zealand’s Premier Yachting locations, The Bay of Islands, but building yachts for the world. Carbon and composite boat building is our niche.

C Partridge Yachts

C Partridge Yachts have worked with many of the worlds most prestigious boat designers. Laurie Davidson / Ron Given / Rob Shaw / Greg Elliott / Mark Mills / Nigel Irens / Jim Young / Ray Wilson Roger Hill / Kevin Dibley / Murray Ross / Alan Wright / Robert Ullberg / to name a few Whilst our origins of master boat building have come from traditional building methods, we’re now also pioneers in the latest construction methods using hi tech construction techniques such as carbon fibre and composite materials.
On New Zealand water, reputed as some of the best boat builders in the world, you’ll find the many of our vessels leading the way.
For excellence in boat building, C Partridge Yachts has to be one the top performers

Some of our boat builds


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