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The Submarine is the brainchild of Hugh Fulton. The goal is to have a sub, capable of travelling on the surface of the water out to the dive areas, under its own steam at 20+ knots, then descend to depths up to 200m.

CPY was enlisted to construct the fibreglass shells that encases the dive chamber and equipment.

The Q-Sub is a revolutionary, WORLD FIRST, 2-MAN PLANING SUBMARINE capable of travelling at 20 knots on the surface, and diving to a depth of 400 ft. It is made to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and GL requirements, and eliminates the logistical problems of conventional submarines which require surface ships for tenders to lift them from the water.

The Q-Sub has been engineered to make submarining as easy and enjoyable as possible. It has the feel of driving an exclusive two-person sports car, comparable to that of a Ferrari, yet has large acrylic side windows for easy viewing of passing sea life and underwater scenery. The unique and lightweight design of the Q-Sub allows it to travel quickly along the surface of the water like a regular speed boat, giving potential for multiple dives at different locations and eliminating the restrictions of other personal submersibles

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Criag Partridge Yachts Ecat

Craig Partridge and Ron Given: Ecat the result of two leading NZ Yacht building professionals.