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Jive is a purpose designed and built offshore racer . The owner is Ray Haslar a prominent New Zealand yachtsman . Laurie Davidson is the designer.Ray approached CPY for the build with the condition that the yacht would be ready for the 2000 Auckland – Fiji race .

Jive Talkin was on the start line for the race and was one of the leaders half way to Fiji , but the race was abandoned due to the Coup as the race officials were concerned about the safety of the competitors
Jive went on to win the following offshore races
Auckland – Fiji 2001 ORC
Auckland – Noumea 2002 ORC
Auckland – Fiji 2003 ORC
Auckland – Fiji 2005 ORC

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Criag Partridge Yachts Ecat

Craig Partridge and Ron Given: Ecat the result of two leading NZ Yacht building professionals.